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Black Market the Indie / Rock Contraband

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We’re always happy to chat to you about your event, and how we can add to it.. but there are some common questions which come up a lot, so to save you a bit of time, have a look and see if we can answer your question here!

How much do you charge?
Every event we play is different.  We therefore try to work with venues to establish a realistic budget for your requirements, dependant on travel, complexity, and scale.  We are always competitive - The best answer is to get in contact to request a bespoke quote for your event.

How long do you play for?
Generally we play 2 X 45 minute sets, plus encores as required.  We will happily play for longer by prior arrangement.

Do you take requests?
The Black Market musicians are extremely talented, and can turn new songs around extremely quickly, but we do get lots of requests, and we all have day jobs too! Therefore we request 6 weeks notice for any requests for us to learn a new song.  We don’t take requests on the night, as it’s simply not possible to know every song people could ask for!

Can I see you play before I book you?
Everyone is welcome to our public gigs – so please check out our gig listing to see when we’re playing in your area.  If there’s nothing local, you can also check out our Demo Page.

What happens between your sets?
We can provide background music, and will happily tailor this to your event if needed.  We can discuss the option of using your own playlists on an Ipod (or similar) so that you and your guests’ favourite songs can make an appearance between sets. Alternatively, we do have contacts within the DJ community, so we can also provide a DJ to set the night off perfectly.

How long do you need to set up?
This varies according to the complexity of the event , but as a ball park, we can set ourselves up within 1hr – 1hr 15mins including sound check, in most venues.  We always arrive at a venue with plenty of time to spare between set up and starting, partially so the band can relax, and partially to deal with any technicalities.  If we’re playing at 9:00pm, we’ll generally arrive on site at 6:30pm, just to make absolutely sure everything goes to plan.

How much space do you need?
Honestly, the more, the better – but we have previously fitted ourselves into spaces smaller than the lead singers front room, so we are flexible!   We generally need about  5 X 4 Metres, but we can set up in smaller spaces if we need to.   If there’s any doubt, one of us will reccee your venue before committing to the booking.

How can I check if you’re available?
Just get in touch - visit our contact us page or call 07828 642816.

What if I can’t find the answer to my question?
Just call Brad on 07828 642816 He’s very nice to chat to – so don’t be scared!